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Conference Tourism

The hospitality and comfort offered by the Thermal SPA of Sciacca is noteworthy for its high standard of quality, service and organization which make the complex well suited for congress and conventions.

Located in the green park of the Terme is the ancient convent of the fathers of St. Francis, which dates back to 1224. Completely renovated, the building has now been transformed into a modern congress hall with capabilities that can create the right atmosphere for every kind of initiative: scientific conferences, meetings, exhibitions and courses of study can be easily carried out there. The whole complex has been made handicap accessible.

Adjacent to the cloister of St. Francis are the auditorium that can accommodate up to 300 people, and the conference hall with its 160 seats and lounges to accommodate the needs of exhibitors. The Terme building proper further offers elegantly furnished and spacious meeting areas. The elegant and functional conference hall, in art nouveau, can accommodate up to an additional 90 people. You can even have private suites at the Grand Hotel of the Terme to meet with VIP’s. Cultural itineraries are available to discover monuments from the medieval and romantic periods.

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