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The Molinelli Pools

Away from the thermal baths, on an enchanting natural terrace, situated between the sea, Mount Kronio and the town of Sciacca, three thermal pools come out of the earth: they are the Piscine dei “Molinelli” (the Pools of the little Mills), so called because of the nearby thermal springs feeding them which also, in the past, operated two little mills (i “molinelli”). 

Since time immemorial, the springs feeding these pools have been very popular in the treatment of skin diseases. Their chemical-physical properties are different from those of the chemotherapy department inside the thermal baths. They contain sodium chloride, bromine and sodium iodide and have a temperature of 34°C.

This is the biggest group of public thermal pools in the territory. The guests who use the pools are always assisted by doctors and by personnel licensed by F.I.N. (Italian Swimming Association).

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